Interface ObjectGraphNavigator

All Known Implementing Classes:
ObjectGraphNavigatorDefaultImpl, ObjectGraphNavigatorJXPathImpl

public interface ObjectGraphNavigator

Sebastian Thomschke

Method Summary
 ObjectGraphNavigationResult navigateTo(Object root, String path)
          Navigates through the object graph starting at root object.

Method Detail


ObjectGraphNavigationResult navigateTo(Object root,
                                       String path)
                                       throws InvalidConfigurationException
Navigates through the object graph starting at root object.

root - the root object to start the navigation from
path - the object navigation path relative to the root object. The path format is implementation specific.
the result of the navigation operation. null is returned if the target could not be determined, e.g. because of null values in the path.
InvalidConfigurationException - if the given path is invalid, e.g. because of non-existing fields/properties named in the path.

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