Change Log for OVal

Release History

Version Date Description
1.90 2017-10-19  
1.87 2017-03-04  
1.86 2016-10-08  
1.85 2015-10-03  
1.84 2013-11-22  
1.83 2013-09-07  
1.82 2013-01-26  
1.81 2012-02-22  
1.80 2011-10-03  
1.70 2011-04-05  
1.61 2010-11-13  
0.1alpha 2005-08-17  

Release 1.90 – 2017-10-19

Type Changes By
Add Support for validation of Bean Validation 2.0 built-in constraints
Fix Race Condition in ResourceBundleMessageResolver. Fixes 10.
Update upgraded to Spring 3.2.18.RELEASE, SLF4J 1.7.25
Fix StackOverflowError when using @Guarded(checkInvariants=true) (thanks to Kai Tait). Fixes 7.

Release 1.87 – 2017-03-04

Type Changes By
Add Support for Java 8 java.time Dates in @Future and @Past (thanks to Pyeroh). Fixes 5.
Add Improve performance of ValidateWithMethodCheck (thanks to an-bel). Fixes 3.

Release 1.86 – 2016-10-08

Type Changes By
Add SpringInjector#initialize(Object)
Fix Race condition when initializing ResourceBundleMessageResolver (thanks to Ville Koskela). Fixes
Fix Improve support for constraint target selection via JXPath
Update upgraded to AspectJ 1.8.9, BeanShell 2.0b6, OGNL 3.1.3, Spring 3.2.17.RELEASE

Release 1.85 – 2015-10-03

Type Changes By
Fix Activation rules are not considered for whole contraints list (thanks to Petras). Fixes
Fix @Email validation treats + as invalid character (thanks to David van Geest). Fixes
Fix ConstraintTarget.RECURSIVE to specify the constraints should be applied recursively to nested maps/lists Limiting the nesting level for ConstraintTarget.VALUES (thanks to Petras). Fixes
Fix ResourceBundleMessageResolver fails to find a message in ResourceBundle of more generic Locale (thanks to Petras). Fixes
Fix concurrency fix in SerializableMethod/SerializableField/SerializableContructor (thanks to Andrew Malota)
Fix DigitsCheck's validation message missing from file (thanks to Dirk Buchhorn)
Fix DigitsCheck's message variables are emtpy (thanks to Dirk Buchhorn)
Fix Trove is wrongly detected (thanks to Geert Bevin). Fixes
Update upgraded to AspectJ 1.8.6, commons-logging 1.2, Groovy 2.2.2, OGNL 3.1, Paranamer 2.8, Rhino 1.7R5, Spring 3.2.14.RELEASE, SLF4J 1.7.12

Release 1.84 – 2013-11-22

Type Changes By
Fix JPAAnnotationsConfigurer shouldn't add Checks twice. Fixes
Add LocaleProvider, ThreadLocalLocaleProvider, Validator.getLocaleProvider, Validator.setLocaleProvider
Update upgraded to Spring 3.2.5.RELEASE, Paranamer 2.6, xstream 1.4.5, OGNL 3.0.8

Release 1.83 – 2013-09-07

Type Changes By
Add added Validator.resolveValue methods
Update upgraded to Spring 3.2.4.RELEASE, Groovy 2.1.6, OGNL 3.0.7, Paranamer 2.5.7, SLF4J 1.7.5, commons-logging 1.1.3
Update small performance improvement in annotation processing in BeanValidationAnnotationsConfigurer
Add added net.sf.oval.integration.guice.GuiceCheckInitializationListener to support injection of Guice managed objects into constraint check implementations

Release 1.82 – 2013-01-26

Type Changes By
Fix currentlyCheckingPreConditions in Guard.validateMethodPost. Fixes
Update made deprecated XML attribute "requireValidElements" of assertValid optional in XSD
Fix Wrong generic types used in Check-implementations. Fixes
Update upgraded to AspectJ 1.7.1, JUnit 4.11, Log4J 1.2.17, SLF4J 1.7.2, XStream 1.4.4, Groovy 2.1.0, BeanShell 2.0b5, OGNL 3.0.6, JRuby 1.6.5, Rhino 1.7R4, Spring 3.2.0.RELEASE, Paranamer 2.5.2, GNU Trove 3.0.3
Fix message variable cache invalidation on MatchPatternCheck NotMatchPatternCheck
Add JSR223 Scripting support. Fixes

Release 1.81 – 2012-02-22

Type Changes By
Fix xstream alias typo "postExcecution" in Fixes
Fix UnsupportedOperationException when using inspectInterfaces. Fixes
Fix default message attribute value on JSR303 annotations being misinterpreted
Update upgraded to Spring 3.1.1.RELEASE, AspectJ 1.6.12, JUnit 4.10, XStream 1.4.2, OGNL 3.0.4, CGLib 2.2.2, Groovy 1.8.6, commons-jexl 2.1.1, Paranamer 2.4.1
Add extended BeanValidationAnnotationsConfigurer to support method parameter constraints and return value checks on non-getter methods

Release 1.80 – 2011-10-03

Type Changes By
Update upgraded to AspectJ 1.6.11, OGNL 3.0.2, JRuby 1.6.4, Groovy 1.8.2, XStream 1.4.1, Rhino 1.7R3, Spring 3.0.6.RELEASE, Javolution 5.5.1
Add added caching of compiled OGNL expressions
Add added caching of compiled MVEL expressions
Fix message attribute on JSR303 annotations being ignored
Remove removed deprecated AssertValid.requireValidElements attribute
Remove removed deprecated class CheckWithMultiple
Add added support for target attribute on constraint annotations

Release 1.70 – 2011-04-05

Type Changes By
Update upgraded to AspectJ 1.6.10, Paranamer 2.3, MVEL 2.0.19, Spring 3.0.5.RELEASE, Commons JEXL 2.0.1, OGNL 3.0.1, Groovy 1.7.6
Fix OVal fails to load at bean creation time. Fixes
Fix Bug in DigitsCheck. Fixes
Fix Bug while retrieving profile names from JSR group. Fixes
Add added convenience constructors to XMLConfigurer for easier Spring-based configuration
Add added support for Spring dependencies being injected into SimpleCheck instances
Fix Missing sources JAR for OVal in Maven repository. Fixes
Update small XSD improvements

Release 1.61 – 2010-11-13

Type Changes By
Fix @NotBlank ignores non-breaking space. Fixes
Fix @EMail not validating addresses correct if allowPersonalName=true

Release 0.1alpha – 2005-08-17

Type Changes By
Add initial release